Mobile Apps

Web Apps

KWT Design offer highly functional web apps built using web technologies that work on any platform and any device as long as it runs a modern web browser. Web apps are perfect for cases where native functionality is not required and Internet access is always available. This write-once-run-anywhere approach for delivering mobile apps is the most cost-effective solution.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are basically web apps embedded inside a thin native container, combining the best elements of native and web technologies. Hybrid apps have access to the devices native functionality like push notifications and camera. From the users point of view hybrid apps are virtually the same as native apps. 

React Native Apps

In cases where highly sophisticated functionality is required, native app is the way to go. However, the codebase written natively for one platform generally cannot be reused for another, which doubles the cost if you are looking to build an iOs and an Android app. Our solution for this problem is the React Native framework developed by Facebook which allows us to use web technologies to deliver native apps for iOs and Android platforms using the same codebase.

No matter whether you're looking to build a customer facing or internal use mobile app, we at KWT will build one you'll love and want to show everybody!